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Thank you All for making Eid E-Games a successful initiative! Please share your feedback about your experience and involvement in the Eid E-Games, so we may continue to bring exciting new games your way at the next E-Games event! We'd love to hear from you!

Who We Are

Legacy IOHS is a new model for online Islamic secondary education serving grades 6--9 -– providing a rigorous, empathy based, spiritually infused, college preparatory curriculum. Utilizing an online platform, Legacy IOHS brings together highly qualified, faith centered educators to teach live classes to talented students across the globe.

Our Vision

The vision of Legacy IOHS is to Cultivate Compassionate Global Leaders.

The central goal of the Legacy IOHS program is to equip learners with a balanced Islamic worldview and an engaging holistic education that inspires them to be thoughtful, compassionate believers. We aim to inspire our students to understand their role as stewards on this earth, to live a life in His obedience and to be of service to His creation.

This Eid-ul-Adha

presents the Eid E-Games

Winners of the Second Eid E-Games

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